Single moms

Being a single parent is hard enough for anyone but add any kind of issues or disabilities to it is a whole other ballgame. I really have a new respect for other moms like myself trying to juggle life, kid, house, work, appointments and your sanity all on your own. I stay mentally and physically exhausted all the time. And yes I know I need time to myself but most times that seems impossible when you have no help so then you have to hire a sitter and let’s get real that cost money and unless you were born rich it’s hard to afford that as well. There has to be more help for families with kids with disabilities or even single parents trying to do everything they can.


Change is a simple word, yet the thought of it is completely scary.  Why are most of us afraid of change in our lives?  We stay in situations even though we are not truly happen because we are afraid of the unknown.  The older I get the more confused I am in my life and what path and direction I should take.  In talking to others I have learned that it isn’t just me that feels this way, there are many of us out there that feel lost and stuck in our life and scared to death to change anything because we don’t know what it will be like or how it will turn out.  Question is, do we take a leap or stay? Is it worth it to be comfortable or should we make a change and see.

Can you ever trust again

After trying over and over and over again, giving your heart completely each time, can you ever fully trust someone with your heart.  Can you ever trust someone not to leave you or let you down or hurt you??? Why is it this day in age, no one is ever truly loyal til the end.  We want to believe in forever love but I am finding myself guarded as ever now because people are not who they claim to be.  So when a truly decent man comes along, I want to run the other way and not believe anything he says because I have heard it all before and they still leave me hurt.  Why can’t people just treat others with respect and love, is that too much to ask?? Do not lead people on, be upfront and honest about who you are and what you want because the aftermath of what you leave is everlasting and is not fair.  People let beauty and the next best thing drive them instead of what is real and lasting. If only we could go back with the knowledge of what some of us know now life would be so much different.

Dating at almost 40

I miss the days when you actually had to walk up to someone or call someone to ask them out and actually have conversations. Technology has made dating a joke these days and people are not what they seem. It makes the good ones give up hope that there are still good people out there. What I have come to find that so many people out there are just looking to hook up and asking for pictures, not upfront and honest about who they are and what they want. Is it that difficult to just be yourself and to actually treat people with respect. There are still some of us who want the forever who want the commitment and not looking for the way out or having a back up all the time.