Can you ever trust again

After trying over and over and over again, giving your heart completely each time, can you ever fully trust someone with your heart.  Can you ever trust someone not to leave you or let you down or hurt you??? Why is it this day in age, no one is ever truly loyal til the end.  We want to believe in forever love but I am finding myself guarded as ever now because people are not who they claim to be.  So when a truly decent man comes along, I want to run the other way and not believe anything he says because I have heard it all before and they still leave me hurt.  Why can’t people just treat others with respect and love, is that too much to ask?? Do not lead people on, be upfront and honest about who you are and what you want because the aftermath of what you leave is everlasting and is not fair.  People let beauty and the next best thing drive them instead of what is real and lasting. If only we could go back with the knowledge of what some of us know now life would be so much different.

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