Dating at almost 40

I miss the days when you actually had to walk up to someone or call someone to ask them out and actually have conversations. Technology has made dating a joke these days and people are not what they seem. It makes the good ones give up hope that there are still good people out there. What I have come to find that so many people out there are just looking to hook up and asking for pictures, not upfront and honest about who they are and what they want. Is it that difficult to just be yourself and to actually treat people with respect. There are still some of us who want the forever who want the commitment and not looking for the way out or having a back up all the time.


How do you know if you ever make the right decisions. We read articles, question everything, talk to people, but yet in the end you still have doubts. I wish there was an easy solution to our problems and doubts. Between parenting and relationships there seems to be no wins. I find myself trying to make a decision to move away from what I know to make a family with my boyfriend, who by the way has disappointed me more times than I care to remember. I question myself about him and if he can be what me and my kid needs in our life. If we base decisions on what we read no one will ever make it. This society we live in today makes everyone scared to make commitments. Who benefits from any of this.


How can a parent laugh and make fun of their kids struggles or issues?? I feel like that is what is wrong with people is how they were treated as kids or shown love or lack there of. When you have one parent who does everything under the sun for your kid to help them and show them love and compassion and try to teach them right from wrong and how to treat others; then you have the other who is a temperamental know it all who encourages bad behavior and has no clue what issues your kid has but thinks they know everything about parenting is exhausting and like fighting an uphill battle that you will never win.